Water baptism is the immediate step of faith and obedience we take after believing Jesus for salvation. It is an OUTWARD sign of our INWARD commitment.

Join us for our next Water Baptism on Sunday, October 23rd!


who should get baptized?

Anybody who has professed faith in Jesus for salvation.

what if i accepted jesus years ago and never got baptized?

It's never too late to take the step of faith and obedience of water baptism. If you've never taken that step, we would encourage you to do that as soon as you can.

what if i was baptized as an infant/child?

We recognize the importance of events and experiences like infant/child baptisms or dedications. We believe that scripture teaches that water baptism is the step someone takes after making a faith decision of their own. If you were baptized/dedicated as an infant or child but never made the decision to get baptized after coming to faith on your own, we would encourage you to get baptized.