Our Values

Jesus is our Message.

It’s only and always Jesus. We point people to life eternal and life abundant that comes from Him and faith in His name.

People Over Preferences.

Jesus gave His life for people, not programs, processes or personal preferences. We will give our lives for people before everything else. We lay down our personal preferences for the sake of reaching more people.

Generosity is our Privilege.

We serve a God who gave everything to us so it’s our privilege to response with generosity. We lead with generosity with our resources: finances, time, love, and energy.

We Position Our Praise and Prayer Out Front.

Jesus gave us weapons that have divine power to demolish strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5), and we lead with those. We trust that leading with prayer and praise enables Jesus to do what only He can do!

Gathering Produces Going.

It is important for the church to gather and worship together, but Jesus called His church to storm the gates of hell. We worship together on the weekend, and push as much ministry outside our building as possible.

Serving Is Our Joy.

Jesus came to serve and said the greatest will be a servant. We unapologetically ask every person in the church to serve.

Honor Is Our Code.

We are in this together, so we honor everyone. We believe that everyone is doing their best and we are generous and purposeful about our thoughts, words and heart towards everyone.

Health Is Vital.

We lean into the importance of integrated health - spiritual, emotional, and relational. We believe that a willingness to grow is a vital part of being a movement of God’s heart. We are committed to walking in the healing and wholeness that Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.