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At MVMNT Church, we believe that genuine life-change happens in the context of life-giving relationships. We gather together on the weekends to worship and learn together, but everyone needs to be connected to a group in order to see life-change, healing and growth in their lives.

We offer two different groups available for everyone:


At MVMNT, our Small Groups exist to help people get connected to life-giving and faith-building relationships. Sitting in rows on Sundays is great, but we also need to sit in circles throughout the week. Here's what you need to know about MVMNT Small Groups:

- We have three semesters of small groups during the year (Fall/Spring/Summer)
- Small groups meet throughout our community all throughout the week
- Small groups range from Bible studies, to workout groups, to activity based groups
- Anyone can join a small group

If you are interested in getting connected to a MVMNT Small Group, click the button right below here:


At MVMNT, our Discipleship Groups are a more intensive and discipleship focused group designed to help you deepen your faith, relationship with Christ, and grow your personal spiritual disciplines. Here's what you need to know about our Discipleship Groups:

They are 6 months long
Groups consist of 3-4 people
We start Discipleship Groups twice a year (fall and spring)
We offer our MVMNT 201 Class before the start of Discipleship Groups

To learn more and get connected to our Discipleship Groups, click the button right below: